Monte Booker - Kolors

Monte Booker Kolors
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Текст песни Monte Booker - Kolors

Purple tree, plus I got this brown in me

Curly yellow dancing on me

Said she smell the green on me

And she straight from California

Freaky as she wanna be

Told me she like boys and girls

Oh well, that's okay with me

And she said

"My old boo left me blue. I really loved her

So cold and so cruel, so many colors."

Play hoes like pro tools, can't never trust 'em

Nah, fuck 'em, fuck 'em fuck 'em,"

When I think about it, I just want a coupe

With a lil boo

With the same coupe as me

Different kolors

I been gettin out here

But really the more known I get

I just been peepin these nigga's colors

Since I left the Lou

Life ain't no black and white

Beautiful peepin the different kolors

I can never choose

I like my booches in bunches

My babies all different kolors
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