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Payton - Hard To Breathe

Payton Hard To Breathe
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Текст песни Payton - Hard To Breathe

Hard to tell if you’re ok, I’m not around

Lifes a mess, some shit I just can’t figure out

You were never one to get it

I made mistakes and I regret it

Forget it now, I always let you down

Didn’t really feel right, when I let you go

Ever since you left, trying to get you back home

It’s taken so much out of me

That its hard to even breathe

I don’t wanna feel like i’ll always be alone

I always try to say it but I always say it wrong

It’s taken so much out of me that it’s hard for me to breathe

All the promises you knew that I could never keep

And all the pictures in your phone I know you never wanna see

It hurts you every time, it’s hard to feel all right

I knew I could treat you better

I made mistakes, I should have never

Let you go

And now I’m all alone

Sick of all the faces, bout’ to lose my patience

Guess i’ll never hold you down, down

Turning all the pages, going through the phases

Guess i’ll never be around, round

No, you felt like home

Not just someone I know

You took my soul